Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Only two months since I last posted..... I'm slacking! hahaha
Well not much has really changed in the last two months, other than getting VERY large! I like to say, I'm large and in charge! :) I finally hit 30 weeks this week! Crazy that in ten short weeks I can be a mommy! <3 Im so amazed with this whole process! Its crazy! They say he is about 3 pounds and 15.5 inches! Thats longer than a foot! WOW! :) It makes me sooo excited that were going to be parents soon... and we have such an amazing support system behind us. Our little stash of goodies is getting pretty large too! And his room is almost all painted. We just need to add the lace around the top to finish it off. Then to start decorating! Well... we have to wait until after the shower to do most of that....but thats only a month away as well!! :)

 This is crazy to look at! 14 Weeks
 To 30 Weeks!
 The little piggy bank i made him :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I feel like its been too long!

Its crazy, but so much has changed in the last couple of months! First off, I have a new step father! He is such a cool person! Im really happy for my mother and my sisters. They finally get a man in thier life that is a decent person!
Second off--We found out were having a boy! Josh is soooo thrilled it isnt a girl first. haha
Also, we went off to Cali to visit with family & for my mothers wedding. It was so much fun. ((Too much driving....)) but so much fun!
Then the day we came back home, after we left both grandmothers behind, Jax decided to start kicking! And it was so strong, that Joshua was able to feel him on the first day as well! How amazing it is to feel that movement. I cant describe it. I love love love it!
I can just sit there and watch my stomache jiggle around when he kicks off. And he definatly found my bladder. Thats for sure! Stinker wants to make me pee myself almost all day. lol
Also--there was some drama at the work place. I have to figure out what im going to do. There are a couple of options. But there BIG choices and I need to make them pretty soon. So wish me luck!
Here are some pictures to share!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April's adventures!

A couple of things happened in April! First off we had shooter school--which is a big deal for the fam! Its something pretty much all of us are involved with! We had a group of I think 22 or so. It was tons of fun to get all together and blow stuff up! <3

And for our monthly trip we went back up to Payson! Its just so peaceful up there-and doesnt cost too much money since its the families! Here are some pics from this trip! <3

Hope you enjoy! And hopefully i can keep this up to date now! ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My 14 week scare!

We went to the doctor on my 14th week appointment-and I was slightly dissapointed because when we walked into the room there was only the Doppler, and when they scheduled the appointment they called it the In Room Ultrasound. We werent going to get to see our baby again!? I was super sad. She said that the only time pretty much was when we were going to find out the sex at the 20 week appointment. So I ended up being ok with it, but still not understanding why all of these women who get to see the baby before it even looks like a baby!? lol Anyways, she went searching for the heartbeat...... Nothing. I was terrified! She told us that once you hear the heart that you have less than 1% of misscariage at that point!!! So I started freaking out and crying of course. At that point, she had to bring the Ultra Sound in and look at the baby!! I was sooo happy when I finally got to see the little thing what was changing my life in a heartbeat! At first I didnt want to look at the screen, what if something had happened?? I was terrified. And she said ah there it is! The tears ended immediatly. We watched the heart beat for a little while, and she made it kick around with poking it! It was amazing! A true blessing in the making! :D

So this is how we recieved our first picture of the baby!

Monday, April 23, 2012

March 2012!

For our anniversary trip-we decided to go over to Cali to spend time with the Parents! Surprise surprise-what the parents got was the best gift we could give them! We announced that we were having a baby! Since we had gone to the doctors, we figured it was safe enough to start announcing to our loved ones! I made little baskets that were topped off with a onsie that said Guess What?!

And afterwards we all went out to dinner at the Olive Garden to celebrate! All 11 of us! :) It was so much fun to have the whole family together! The only one missing was Mr. Christopher, but he had SAR allo weekend, and i didnt want to ask him to miss it, because i know they would have been super sucpicious if i had! :)

Here are some pictures of the rest of our weekend! 
On the Pier!

@ Sea World-He was posing for us!

V & I @ Sea World!

Alyssa riding a sea turtle!

The kiddos riding in the riptide raft!

The baby sea otters! They were so precious, and we were able to get a special showing of them! :)

And last, but not least 'Shamu'!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Feb. Continued...

Ok so in the last one, I said at the beginning that there were tons of things that happened. Well Joshua and I also found out that we are going to have a baby! <3<3
Here is the first picture that i took of our little one growing! Were both sooo excited and are having a blast so far-and thier not even here yet!!!


So many things happened in February! <3 First our little monthly trip we went to Fountain hills-which happened to land on the same weekend that the biggest festival was there! It was so much fun! We thought we were just going to go up for a quiet little afternoon watching the fountain go off-but we ended up walking around for HOURS! Here are a couple of pictures!

I had to share this last picture-because this man was so serious about extreme frisbee. I should have taken a picture of his frisbee bag. I think he had about 15 back ups just in case! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

January 2012

So i've decided that each month this year we are going to do a special little date/day trip! That way i have tons to scrapbook and keep memores with!
This January we went to Payson and spent the day at the cabin with our pups! Here are some pics to show how much fun we had! :)

Me and the hubs!

Just wandering around

Checking things out!

Just keep sniffing....

Playing fetch!

Eatching the fetch toy!

Rhylie the princess!

So far weve been having tons of fun out and about each week! Hopefully we can keep it up all year! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

The end of 2011!

So many things have happened since my last blog-so here it goes!

Joshua and I had an amazing Christmas with all of our family! It was awesome to have the Waldron's down and spend time with them! But My family couldn't come down (that's why i went there for T-day)!
I went to the gingerbread house making party this year with a couple of girlfriends! That was a blast too!
(don't mind the date-its wrong!)

We went to Vegas the day after Christmas to celebrate a friends birthday! It was so much fun! We stayed on the old strip-which neither one of us had stayed on before-and had a blast! All in all we came home even! (After I won most of it back the last day!)

For New years-we went to the Moore's! And of course there was tons of drinking involved! lol Drinks were spilled, then cleaned up (not like you would usually clean them up though). We then taped fireworks to little toy trucks to watch them roll down the street-lit up! I also got drawn on! There was some fighting-then making up-and it turned out to be a great night!

So with all this said and done, Happy end of 2011! Slightly late.... But better late than never I say!