Monday, October 17, 2011


Dalmations, plus my three! My dogs and I were enjoying the company of 101 Dalmations & 102 Dalmations! lol They loved it! Maybe almost as much as I did :) Thank you ABC Family for the little marathon!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The countdown continues!

So in exactly 6 weeks-I will be in the small town of Fairfield, CA! I'm sooo excited to see my family! I miss them tons already! We're keeping it as a surprise for the girls, so I'm going to be home when they get home from school! Yay!
 PS. Tomorrow is my husbands Birthday! <3

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today I looking on a friends blog and Josh goes "What are you doing?" I said "I'm looking at a blog." He then goes to arent you supposed to be working? Why would i be sitting on the couch working mister..... lol But then he goes, "Do we have a blog?" Bahahahah such a typical man! I swear it. But I showed it to him, and I wanted to change some of the things, and I asked him for an opinion. This or that? He then replied "I honestly didnt see any difference at all." And let me tell you, it was size 60 and dead center of the screen.... I dont know how he missed it... :)
PS. I love pictures, so I have decided that there will be at least ONE picture to each post. Even if it doesnt have anythign to do with that said post. :) This is on my best friends mommy's 50th birthday party of Katrina, Bridgette & I. Love these girls!

Tis the season!

The weather is awesome right now! Too bad by Friday it's going to be back to TOO FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE, Arizona. lol But I'm really glad that this weekend was the weekend it was nice outside. Our youngest pup' decided she wanted to become Evil Kaneval by jumping out of the car window! We werent going that fast, because we were just pulling out of a parking spot at the park-BUT she gave us a fright! She managed to get hit by the wheel. She has some pretty cuts on the right side of her face and on her left arm. She had some pretty good pain going on in her jaw-it was so sad seeing her not able to yawn. But the doc's gave her some pain meds-some antibiotic meds-and we have to clean twice a day, and then apply some healing creams twice daily as well. She's stuck in the cone of shame for a week too-just to make sure she isnt scratching too much or licking. My poor little baby! :( But good news for the weather, because she couldnt make it through the doggie door with her COS-so we had to leave the back door open just for her!
But on a good note, Josh had his first diagnosing test for his back, and he passed! YAY! He needs to pass tomorrows appointment as well to be able to move on to the actual process of the denerving process-but were pretty optomistic because we've been going to this doc for a while now, so he knows whats going on and where he's hurting! So that exciting!
And here are some pics of our newest addition (I know what you are thinking, why YES we are crazy! lol) But the dogs all love him (especially Brutis! I need to get a good picture of those two playing)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

That cooking bug.....Well it bit me!

So yesterday I decided that I wanted to cook more often, especially because I have this RAD crock pot! And those meals are super easy cause you just throw it in and eat a couple hours later! lol
So last night I threw some pork chops into the bottom, covered them in BBQ sauce, and then chopped up potatoes and covered them in BBQ sauce as well. I kind of made this one up by myself with the pot's but i thought that maybe they would just suck up the juice and be AWESOME! As it turned out, it was pretty good. First meal=SUCCESS! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

A rough start to a Monday!

Josh is having a pretty rough time at the moment. His back is killing him. Im pretty sure he has spraigned his knee. He's over worked at work. (6 hours of mandatory overtime) He isnt sleeping well. And he's is taking it out on me! lol Lucky wife this girl! I hope he can just take a breather. He is doing a new procedure on his back. There goign to go in and burn the nerves that tell his brain that his back hurts. And the diagnosis part to it is this Friday and they dont give you any sedative because they need to find the exact location of where it is. :/ They said its going to be super duper painful. And then when he requested the time off from work, there were already a ton of people taking it off, so its going to go against his attendance. Awesome. I feel bad for him. I wish i could take some of his stress off and just burden it for him. Because I am natural at it! It does run in my genes. :) Anyways, I just wish he will have a better week this week. And since he is prone to migrains---i hope he doesnt get one this week. Your not allowed to take anything for the 7 days prior.... :/ Wish me luck!