Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I feel like its been too long!

Its crazy, but so much has changed in the last couple of months! First off, I have a new step father! He is such a cool person! Im really happy for my mother and my sisters. They finally get a man in thier life that is a decent person!
Second off--We found out were having a boy! Josh is soooo thrilled it isnt a girl first. haha
Also, we went off to Cali to visit with family & for my mothers wedding. It was so much fun. ((Too much driving....)) but so much fun!
Then the day we came back home, after we left both grandmothers behind, Jax decided to start kicking! And it was so strong, that Joshua was able to feel him on the first day as well! How amazing it is to feel that movement. I cant describe it. I love love love it!
I can just sit there and watch my stomache jiggle around when he kicks off. And he definatly found my bladder. Thats for sure! Stinker wants to make me pee myself almost all day. lol
Also--there was some drama at the work place. I have to figure out what im going to do. There are a couple of options. But there BIG choices and I need to make them pretty soon. So wish me luck!
Here are some pictures to share!

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