Monday, April 9, 2012

The end of 2011!

So many things have happened since my last blog-so here it goes!

Joshua and I had an amazing Christmas with all of our family! It was awesome to have the Waldron's down and spend time with them! But My family couldn't come down (that's why i went there for T-day)!
I went to the gingerbread house making party this year with a couple of girlfriends! That was a blast too!
(don't mind the date-its wrong!)

We went to Vegas the day after Christmas to celebrate a friends birthday! It was so much fun! We stayed on the old strip-which neither one of us had stayed on before-and had a blast! All in all we came home even! (After I won most of it back the last day!)

For New years-we went to the Moore's! And of course there was tons of drinking involved! lol Drinks were spilled, then cleaned up (not like you would usually clean them up though). We then taped fireworks to little toy trucks to watch them roll down the street-lit up! I also got drawn on! There was some fighting-then making up-and it turned out to be a great night!

So with all this said and done, Happy end of 2011! Slightly late.... But better late than never I say!

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