Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Only two months since I last posted..... I'm slacking! hahaha
Well not much has really changed in the last two months, other than getting VERY large! I like to say, I'm large and in charge! :) I finally hit 30 weeks this week! Crazy that in ten short weeks I can be a mommy! <3 Im so amazed with this whole process! Its crazy! They say he is about 3 pounds and 15.5 inches! Thats longer than a foot! WOW! :) It makes me sooo excited that were going to be parents soon... and we have such an amazing support system behind us. Our little stash of goodies is getting pretty large too! And his room is almost all painted. We just need to add the lace around the top to finish it off. Then to start decorating! Well... we have to wait until after the shower to do most of that....but thats only a month away as well!! :)

 This is crazy to look at! 14 Weeks
 To 30 Weeks!
 The little piggy bank i made him :)

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