Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My 14 week scare!

We went to the doctor on my 14th week appointment-and I was slightly dissapointed because when we walked into the room there was only the Doppler, and when they scheduled the appointment they called it the In Room Ultrasound. We werent going to get to see our baby again!? I was super sad. She said that the only time pretty much was when we were going to find out the sex at the 20 week appointment. So I ended up being ok with it, but still not understanding why all of these women who get to see the baby before it even looks like a baby!? lol Anyways, she went searching for the heartbeat...... Nothing. I was terrified! She told us that once you hear the heart that you have less than 1% of misscariage at that point!!! So I started freaking out and crying of course. At that point, she had to bring the Ultra Sound in and look at the baby!! I was sooo happy when I finally got to see the little thing what was changing my life in a heartbeat! At first I didnt want to look at the screen, what if something had happened?? I was terrified. And she said ah there it is! The tears ended immediatly. We watched the heart beat for a little while, and she made it kick around with poking it! It was amazing! A true blessing in the making! :D

So this is how we recieved our first picture of the baby!

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