Friday, September 30, 2011

Excited to start saving....

Well it WOULD be awesome if I could say we are going to start saving the world, one recycle can at a time! BUT--- we already recycle! lol Anywho's! We are starting that budget from Dave Ramsey tomorrow! Start the month off right! Go October! And lets wish my husband lots of luck because he is already saying its going to be super hard for him! lol
Along with that, tomorrow I have a craft date with the bestie! I need to make those picture frames (which one of them has to be done by SUNDAY! So i need to bust out!) for our cousin's baby showers! Its going to be super fun! And then we have a retirement party to attend to! And then if we can swing it-we have a birthday party at Skateland! Which i think would be awesome to attend, but it depends on this party! Then on Sunday I have the Baby shower ^^^ Ahhh!!! I cant believe Melissa is sooo close to being a mommy! Two weeks away! Yay! Then we have Softball to finish off the evening! :)
Oh and a big surprise? Josh's parents are coming into town today, and our house is a DISASTER! EEK! So we are going to be busting butt to get that situated too!
Alright back to work so i can go home and stress out!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh happy days!

This week has been pretty awesome! On Monday, Joshua and I have been married for a whole six months! I know it doesnt seem like that long, especially because almost everyone asked "That's it?" lol But even though its only been six months, we have been togehter for 3.75 years, AND we have known eachother almost a decade! lol

Another note, as of yesterday, we have owned this house for two years!!! Whoop whoop!

Now whats going to happen tomorrow to finish it off as a great week?! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy Macaroni Wheels....

I'm so sick of how my job is changing right now... :/
Here's the back story---I work for this tiny little company (but we are pretty awesome anyways) and when i say tiny, that's exactly what i mean. We have a total of 15 employee's. But since we hired this new guy (who happens to be my CEO's boyfriend.......?) Its just been irritating. The best thing about this job is that it was super flexible because like half of us are going to school, but now we have to tell them our every move. We used to be able to leave when we got our work done, but now we have to sit here and wait out until every single one of the department is done. We used to be able to just have a good time, but now they have a very serious time frame of only 15 minutes of being able to talk to each other. On Friday i moved into my coworkers room, because hello? We were the only ones in the office until 10 AM! That's right.... That's how this place rolls. So i sat in there and it was all fine. But when the big boss came back on Monday he yelled at my boss and told her to make me move. As long as I'm getting my fricking work done, isn't that what should matter? I don't like complaining about this to Josh, but i am about to POP! UUUUGGGGGHHHHH..... I'm just soooo frustrated right now! Like you cant give us a 50' leash and then decide to cut it only 5'! That's not how it works! Oh and another thing he decided to change? We don't get raises anymore.... we only get cost of living. Which means for my three years, i got a whole whopping 20 cents.... Sadly, that was less then when i got my 6 month raise at Wendy's..... :|

On a better side note, I am totally addicted to Pinterest! LOL

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Till we meet again...

I know that its only been two months since I have seen my family last, but I am SO darn excited to get to see them again! So the countdown begins.... <3

But until then, I need to put together that photo thing I am doing for my mom!

These two girls are soooo awesome! And there pretty photogetic too! I can't wait to see them! Im sooo sad that I'm missing some of the most important years of thier lives! :( But I know that they know I'm here for them whenever they need me! So again, only 8 weeks and 2 days!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Its been a while....

Iv'e been horrible at keeping this thing up to date! But can you believe that next week Joshua and I will have been married for 6 months?! Crazy!! Where has the time gone!
Been keeping busy-work is crazy! There still trying to bring in new companies, but we dont really have the billers for it. lol And Joshua's work just bumped up BRAT to 6 hours a week. Thats almost a whole extra day! I feel bad for the kid. Hopefully he doesnt burn out too quickly. They are just crazy busy, dragging over 20k scripts into the next day when it should be closer to only being 5k!
My God Daughter is three months old now! Wow! And she is a little chubbers. lol The doctor actually made her go on a diet. :) She's so vocal now its amazing <3 I love that little munchkin!
We just started up softball again! We lost yesterdays game, but thats ok. The team we played was pretty good! We just need to work on our batting. I kept hitting them right into the outfielders glove.... grrrr! I wish they would just put someone out there that can't catch ;) That would be awesome!
Anyways, I need to get back to work so I will update later on! <3