Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I can't believe tomorrow is the day! I am finally going to be leaving tomorrow to see my fam for the week! <3 I'm sad that I will be missing Joshua with our first T-day as a married couple, BUT we will both be surrounded by our families to help keep us company :)
Bad news-we found a scorpion in our house on Sunday! Blech! lol but the exterminator came today to spray! So that's great news! Dang the neighbors for digging up their backyard!! We need to send in the info to the HOA to replace our grass with rock-we got yet another letter from them yesterday, and oh joyous-this one was for $100........ I'm starting to get really upset with all of this. Well not really starting.... But continuing! I really want to say some selective words to them...
Anyways-I need to leave for the day to go home and pack, so I'm out! :)

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