Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I kind of feel rediculace(sp)---but i found all of my old Cd's, which do include the first two Britney spears ones, nikelback etc. And the only way you can go about listening to them is with the windows down and the volume all the way up! haha And if you have ever seen me in the car-I totally get into all of it! The dancing, the singing. Its all there. Sometimes i even use an object and pretend its a microphone. lol All in all, yesterday was a pretty good day! :) And today is my besties birthday! I'm soooo excited to give her her present. I know she will love it too! Yay! happy Tuesday all-I hope today is a wonderful day for all of you :)

And now my countdown is 9 days (including today)!

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