Monday, October 3, 2011

A rough start to a Monday!

Josh is having a pretty rough time at the moment. His back is killing him. Im pretty sure he has spraigned his knee. He's over worked at work. (6 hours of mandatory overtime) He isnt sleeping well. And he's is taking it out on me! lol Lucky wife this girl! I hope he can just take a breather. He is doing a new procedure on his back. There goign to go in and burn the nerves that tell his brain that his back hurts. And the diagnosis part to it is this Friday and they dont give you any sedative because they need to find the exact location of where it is. :/ They said its going to be super duper painful. And then when he requested the time off from work, there were already a ton of people taking it off, so its going to go against his attendance. Awesome. I feel bad for him. I wish i could take some of his stress off and just burden it for him. Because I am natural at it! It does run in my genes. :) Anyways, I just wish he will have a better week this week. And since he is prone to migrains---i hope he doesnt get one this week. Your not allowed to take anything for the 7 days prior.... :/ Wish me luck!

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