Friday, September 30, 2011

Excited to start saving....

Well it WOULD be awesome if I could say we are going to start saving the world, one recycle can at a time! BUT--- we already recycle! lol Anywho's! We are starting that budget from Dave Ramsey tomorrow! Start the month off right! Go October! And lets wish my husband lots of luck because he is already saying its going to be super hard for him! lol
Along with that, tomorrow I have a craft date with the bestie! I need to make those picture frames (which one of them has to be done by SUNDAY! So i need to bust out!) for our cousin's baby showers! Its going to be super fun! And then we have a retirement party to attend to! And then if we can swing it-we have a birthday party at Skateland! Which i think would be awesome to attend, but it depends on this party! Then on Sunday I have the Baby shower ^^^ Ahhh!!! I cant believe Melissa is sooo close to being a mommy! Two weeks away! Yay! Then we have Softball to finish off the evening! :)
Oh and a big surprise? Josh's parents are coming into town today, and our house is a DISASTER! EEK! So we are going to be busting butt to get that situated too!
Alright back to work so i can go home and stress out!

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