Thursday, July 7, 2011

My 23rd Birthday!

So i'm trying to get this thing updated-so that might mean a ton of post's all at once! lol
But my birthday has come and gone as quickly as they usually do! And here are some of the adventures we enjoyed this year!

 First off was the D-backs baseball game! Yay! I love me some baseball! And there actually having a pretty good season this year-who would have thought?!!? :)
Dinner with the fam at Macayos-and yes they still make you wear the sombrerro!

Birthday cupcakes from Kim! Thanks!

This drink was delicious! Thanks Amy!

My flowers from the Hubby!

Lol on our way to the river!

My Best friend!

Jesse lost his shirt when we went to Taco Bell they kicked him out and the 'only' thing we found in the car was the robe that Joshua took to keep a memory from the wedding! lol
And Joshua driving-doesnt he look oh so happy?

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